The annual Grade 7 Christmas play is always a wonderful treat we look forward to.  It was written by Mrs. MacDougall and put together by the grade 7 teachers including Mrs. O’Malley and Mrs. Reid.  The students look forward to playing their roles and performing for the school.  We have a very talented group of Grade 7 actors this year!  Santa dreamt he was stuck in the chimney and no matter what he did, he couldn’t shimmy…down the chimney.  The play was funny and very enjoyable.


Multicultural Day

The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people!  We had such a wonderful day celebrating Multicultural Day.  Some classes did a “museum walk” from classroom to classroom learning about the different cultures at our school.  They enjoyed a variety of snacks representing the different holiday seasons: samosa, candy cane, gold chocolate coin, and a fortune cookie.  We enjoyed a variety of presentations at our assembly and ended with the whole school singing, “Hearts Around the World!”

Breads & Grains Around the World

The boys and girls in Mrs. Holm’s grade 2 class have been learning about the variety of bread and grains that are enjoyed by people around the world.  They have learned the difference between leaven and unleavened bread.  They have also seen and tasted the similarities among the different cultures within their own classroom.  They started by being introduced to bannok, enjoyed by the indigenous people of British Columbia.  They learned that it is made from flour, baking soda, salt, sugar, and mixed with milk before being deep fried in oil.

One day a parent came in and helped the students make and cook roti, a common staple for many within the class.  The children also had the privilege of tasting sweet rice from Pakistan.  This sweet rice is often enjoyed during special celebrations such as Eid.  Next, was the tasty bread from Tajikistan and ending with English Yorkshire pudding!

For a long time throughout the history of man, bread has been an essential part of our diets, enjoyed at different times of the day. It is a great source of carbohydrates!

Double Champions!

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What an exciting volleyball season!  We are proud of athletic abilities of both the boys’ and girls’ volleyball teams.  They worked worked hard during their practices under the wonderful coaching of Mr. Basra, Mrs. MacDougall, Ms. Bohonos, and Ms. Pugsley and headed to Strawberry Hill for their Play Days.  We were thrilled when they both came back with first place blue ribbons!  Congratulations boys and girls!

Billy Goat Gruff Bridges

After enjoying reading the Billy Goat Gruff fairy tale, the grade 3 students in Ms. Cowan’s class were given the task of designing a bridge for the troll to live under.  Materials used were mini-marshmallows, toothpicks, and paper.  The bridge had to be sturdy enough to hold people on it.  As the students explored different designs, they learned that using triangle shapes for the base structure was the strongest geometric shape to use.  Celeste said, “I could make my bridge stronger by using more support material…more toothpicks and marshmallows”.  “Your first plan might not work, so you have to try again,” said Harleen.

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Inline Skating

The grade 1 to 7 students just completed their two weeks of in-line skating lessons.  Some were still learning to balance on two strips of wheels while others were working moving quickly around the gym.  According to medical research, inline skating or rollerblading rank in the top 3 activities that improve or maintain physical fitness and general well-being.  What a great way to get to and from school!  Try rollerblading around the sea wall in Stanley Park or around your neighbourhood.  It truly is great fun!


WeDay 2017


This year, nine grade 6 student leaders from Mr. Harrington’s class were fortunate to attend WeDay at Rogers arena on October 18, along with 20,000 other passionate students from around B.C.  WeDay is an annual event that kicks off a year of action, where students commit to fundraising and public awareness campaigns dedicated to helping others in their communities and abroad. The students were inspired by the performers and celebrity guest speakers, and they are excited to learn about all the possible ways that they can contribute to making the world a better place.  We look forward to hearing more about what this group of young people will accomplish this year!

Cross Country & Soccer

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Quite a few students from grades 3 to 7 took up the challenge of being part of the cross-country team this fall and learned the importance of training and conditioning for their races.  Many faithfully attended morning practices, and we are thankful to Mrs. Reid for once again organizing and running this sport event.  We also appreciate all the parent volunteers as well as Ms. Cowan’ and Ms. Holms’ help and support.  Congratulations on a great season!

All three soccer teams came in second place during their district play days!  We are proud of all those who showed up to practices and worked together on forming a team in a relatively short period of time.  All three coaches were impressed with the level of participation as well as the good sportsmanship demonstrated among the players.  There are clearly some amazing soccer players at Dr. F.D. Sinclair!


Orange Shirt Day

On Friday, September 30th, students and staff across the district remembered the legacy of residential schools by commemorating Orange Shirt Day.  Years ago, the Canadian government believed that Aboriginal children should dress, speak, and act like all the other children.  Aboriginal children were taken from their families and sent to live in schools where they had to conform.

Ms. Myles, together with some teachers, organized a wonderful assembly and wore orange shirts to remember those children.  Some classes read stories about the residential schools and reflected on the experiences of the First Nations children.  We learned that every child matters, and that it is important to respect our different cultures and traditions among us.  At the assembly, we enjoyed a song (“Show Us the Way”) written, recorded, and filmed with elementary school students selected from Surrey

Orange Shirt Day was also the same day we had our Welcome Breakfast for our new students and staff.  We truly have a wonderfully diverse community at Sinclair, and we can proudly say that every child does matter!




Terry Fox Run


We started the school year with our annual Terry Fox Run at the end of September. The students were reminded of the great sacrifice of our iconic Canadian hero, Terry Fox, and participated in his dream to raise money for cancer research.  Thank you everyone for helping raise $1,200 for this important cause.  A big thank you to Ms. Bohonos’ intermediate students in leading the warm up and to the grade 7 students who demonstrated excellent leadership in helping organize and run this event.