Orange Shirt Day

On Friday, September 30th, students and staff across the district remembered the legacy of residential schools by commemorating Orange Shirt Day.  Years ago, the Canadian government believed that Aboriginal children should dress, speak, and act like all the other children.  Aboriginal children were taken from their families and sent to live in schools where they had to conform.

Ms. Myles, together with some teachers, organized a wonderful assembly and wore orange shirts to remember those children.  Some classes read stories about the residential schools and reflected on the experiences of the First Nations children.  We learned that every child matters, and that it is important to respect our different cultures and traditions among us.  At the assembly, we enjoyed a song (“Show Us the Way”) written, recorded, and filmed with elementary school students selected from Surrey

Orange Shirt Day was also the same day we had our Welcome Breakfast for our new students and staff.  We truly have a wonderfully diverse community at Sinclair, and we can proudly say that every child does matter!




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