Grade 7 Book Club and First Nations Art Enlargements

Grade 7 Book Club and First Nations Art Enlargements

The grade 7 students in division 2 were engaged in literature circles with an aboriginal theme. where they looked at cultures such as Haida, Cree, Inuit, Tlingit, and Interior Salish.  One group of students read Farley Mowat’s classic Lost in the Barrons, an adventure story that deals with intercultural friendships between two boys.  Awasin, a Cree boy, and Jamie, a city boy from Toronto learn to work together and trust one another.

Another group of students looked at Shirley Sterling’s book My Name is Sepeetza, a year long diary of a girl in a residential school.  Julie of the Wolves by Jean George dealing with the importance of identity and sense of belonging in a changing world was enjoyed by a third group of students.

A group of boys thoroughly enjoyed Ben Mikaelsen’s Touching Spirit Bear.  Ankit, one of the grade seven boys, said the book changed his way of thinking in regards to punishment and to consider different ways to heal individuals.  How does one help someone become a better person?

After their different novel studies, the students researched the aboriginal cultures in their books and recreated an art poster in order to help them enrich their understanding of the novel.  It also helped provide more context to what they read.

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