ADST Friday Afternoons in Division 1

The grade seven students in Mrs. Reid’s division worked in small groups to create a VEX robot that moves and is able to lift small objects.  “It was amazing how much they had to cooperate with each other,” said Mrs. Reid.  Each group learned from the group who worked on the robot before them, and sometimes had to fix the mistakes of the previous group.  The students had to follow a set of building plans, work cooperatively, and develop their communication skills throughout the process.  They learned how to program the “brain” of the computer to create the robot and will be able to dismantle it in order to create another robot using light and colour sensors.  The students were proud of their accomplishments and experienced joy with the finished product.

Seth, a grade seven student, also enjoyed creating a skateboard grind rail with some of the new power tools we received.  Seth worked with Mr. Aubey and brainstormed what he learned through this process:


  • You need to pour cold water onto metal when you drill through it to keep it cool and that a drill bit makes a nasty sound when it breaks.
  • The red marks on a tape measure mark off where studs would be in a standard wall frame (every 16 inches).
  • It is good to hang out with the right people who can help you with stuff like this and I have a knack for using a drill to screw wood together.
  • Creativity is good and that anything is possible.






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