Science Fair

Every year, the intermediate students at Dr. F.D. Sinclair engage in an inquiry based project for Science Fair and work through the scientific method.  We are proud of all their hard work, and the teachers were glad to see the great quality among the variety of projects.  Special congratulations to Jot, Swapnil, Harkamal, Hammad, and Harleen who made it to the district level Science Fair.  Hammad and Swapnil won gold medals while Jot, Harkamal, and Harleen won silver medals for their projects.


Harleen discovered that natural orange juice was better than sport drinks, such as Gatorade, to replenish our electrolites for the proper functioning of our body.  Swapnil learned about how bioplastics are less harmful to our environment compared to the petroleum based plastics.  Harkamala and Jot researched the pros and cons of stress on the human body and understood the importance of adrenalin in our bloodstream.  Hammed learned that the tesla coil requires less voltage (less electricity) to operate electrical devices, which is ultimately better for our environment.  The tesla coil has low frequency and low currents, but high voltage, and it can oscillate.

We are proud of every Sinclair student who participated in this year’s Science Fair.  We are thankful to Mr. Baker for coordinating this annual event, and we are also glad for the teachers who encouraged and guided the hands on learning experience for the students.

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