Our Community

The grade one students in Mrs. Tait’s and Mrs. Sharpe’s division 17 learned about their community and built a 3D model of it, including important buildings in their daily lives such as their school, the temple, the mosque, Superstore, and even McDonald’s.  They also learned that all good communities need a hospital, a firehall, a school, and a police station.  Other important buildings included the library and Newton Wave Poll.  They also learned about community helpers and wrote about their goals on how they could be helpful members of the community both now and when they “grow up”.  This unit integrated the new ADSD (Applied Design, Skills, and Technology) subject together with social studies and career planning.  The children designed their building using blocks of wood they sanded and painted.  “It was fun to build and paint our buildings,” said one student.  “I like being creative and make something beautiful,” said another student.  The students also learned that the First Nations people were here first and preferred to live close to the coast, so they could fish in the ocean and hunt in the forest.

The grade one students in Mrs. Pilatova’s division 19 displayed their community they had built on bulletin boards comparing and contrasting an early First Nations community with their immediate modern day community.

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